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Twin Taylors: Jonathan T. (son Alpheus E.), David T. (son "General" Jonathan)


This blog covers the twin sons, Jonathan and David both born July 21 1770, of Josiah Taylor (1731-1807) and Abigail Dennison (1736-1816).  Josiah and Abigail had other sons, Robert Dennison Taylor and Elisha Taylor V (see ) and Josiah Taylor II (see ).  Although twins, Jonathan died young in 1816 and David died about 1830, not quite so young.  Jonathan Taylor and Ruth Edgerton Taylor had other sons than Alpheus Edgerton Taylor, such as Chauncey D. Taylor, whose grandsons were the Taylor Brothers Photographers.  David Taylor and Olive Waldo Taylor had other sons than "General" Jonathan Taylor, such as Burrell-Bailey Taylor, a lawyer.

Jonathan Taylor and Son Alpheus Edgerton Taylor

Alpheus Edgerton Taylor , son of Jonathan Taylor and Ruth Edgerton, was born in Mansfield Connecticut on March 24, 1802, and died in Castle Rock WA on September 24, 1892. The earlier family line is shown on After the death of his father in December 1816, he moved west to Rome NY in 1817. While in Rome, he married Louisa Campbell Hayden in 1832, moved to Westfield NY in 1834, then briefly to Ohio, and moved to Wisconsin in 1836, briefly to Milwaukee and Jefferson Co. He and his family settled in Berlin WI, where they stayed until 1859. Then they moved to Blue Earth Minnesota and stayed until May 1892, when they moved to Castle Rock, Washington State, near the mouth of the Columbia River. His family moved to Pullman WA in 1899.

Alpheus E. Taylor and Louisa C. Hayden Taylor's Descendants:

Spencer Allen Taylor (b. XI-28-1832 Rome, d. X-24-1905 Ga)
Lydia Ann McDowell (see blog)*
Edward Elmore Taylor (b. VII-25-1863 Elmore MN, d. II-8-1946 SoS)
Florence Eliza Norton (see blog)*
two sons wld: Earle, Harold; one daughter wld: Anna
Gay Allen Taylor (b. VI-22-1866 Elmore MN, d. II-2-1929 BE)
Ora Gilbert (b. XI-8-1864 Owatonna MN, d. I-2-1943 BE)*
one son wld: George
George Edgerton Taylor (b. IV-10-1872 Elmore MN, d. V-6-1951 Po)
Pamela Jane Huntington (b. X-31-1878 CR, d. II-9-1960 Po)*
one son wld: Gay
Albert Eugene Taylor (b. II-14-1842 Berlin WI, d. dpl?)
Mary Elizabeth Lane (b. VI-3-1842 pl?, d. dpl?)*
Maternal Line blogs:
David Taylor and Son "General" Jonathan Taylor

David Taylor married Olive Waldo on date unknown in Mansfield CT.  Olive Waldo Taylor was born IX-13-1768 in Mansfield CT.  They had a son Jonathan Taylor in 1796, later dubbed "General".  They moved to Bridgewater NY, lived there quite a bit of time, and had their youngest child, Burrell-Bailey Taylor there IX-6-1808.  Moving shortly afterwards to Newark OH, the family stayed.  Burrell-Bailey became a lawyer and was prominent in Licking Co. OH politics; he ran a Democratic newspaper in Oakland CA around 1875; he may have died in MO around 1879.  David Taylor died before July 3, 1830, when his will was probated in Licking Co.  Source said David was a U.S. Congressman.

Olive Waldo was the daughter of Jesse Waldo (b. IX-6-1736 Lisbon CT, d. II-28-1823 Mansfield CT) and Bridget Thompson Waldo (b. about 1735 Willington CT, d. I-21-1805 Mansfield CT), who married IV-2-1760 in Mansfield CT.  Jesse was the son of Shubael Waldo ( b. dpl, d. dpl) and Abigail Allen Waldo (b. dpl, d. dpl).

"General" Jonathan Taylor served in the War of 1812, then later, as a civil engineer, engaged in running the boundary line between Ohio and Michigan, and in the conflict that ensued from the location of the boundary line, he commanded the Ohio forces. After serving some terms in both the Ohio Assembly and the Ohio Senate (1834-1836), he served one term as U.S. Congressman from the district including Licking Co. OH beginning in 1838.

"General" Jonathan Taylor married Sarah Elliott in 1821 in Ohio.  Sarah Elliott Taylor was born V-2-1799 in Alleghany Co. MD and died V-13-1872 in Newark OH.  Their eldest son, David-Elliott (b. I-12-1826) collapsed and died at home (XII-25-1848) after being a soldier in Mexico.  One son was Waldo Taylor (b. VI-3-1838 Newark OH), who served as a judge and Mayor of Newark OH, and was declared insane in December 1906 (d. V-13-1907 in Columbus OH).  Another son was William Taylor (b. VI-3-1838 in Newark OH, d. I-11-1863 AK) who died in the attack on Arkansas Post while serving with the 76th Ohio Volunteer  Infantry, Company D as a soldier in the Civil War.  "General" Jonathan Taylor died IV 1848 in Newark OH.

David Taylor information sources: "Ohio in Congress 1803-1901", "Your Family Tree" by David Starr Jordan,  "Genealogy of the Waldo Family: A Record of Descendants of Cornelius Waldo".

dpl?=date and place unknown
d?=date unknown
pl?=place unknown
*=wife or husband of person next line above
wld=with living descendants
Ga=Garfield, WA
BE=Blue Earth, MN
SoS=South San Francisco, CA
Po=Portland, Oregon
CR=Castle Rock, WA